Myth of the Week

Rusalka (Slavic)

Chances are you know óf the Rusalka albeit not by this name or even identified as a Slavic myth! She is an evil water nymph usually represented as a beautiful young woman who appears in or around pools, small lakes and other waterways. She will tempt young farmers or fishermen to come and enter the water with her and then drown them.

Their providence is somewhat of a mystery, but connaisseurs seem to agree on the idea that they came from young women who drowned themselves after being jilted by a lover. 

Rusalka are usually represented as young, scantilly clad women with an extremely pale, almost translucent skin and green, glowing eyes. They are most dangerous in the first weeks of June. Sallant detail: in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine it was forbidden to swim during this week and the Rusalka week (early June) was still celebrated in Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine when the spirits are ritually banished, right up until the 1930's.


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    Here you will find everything you need to know about the contributors to the European Ghost Literary Project. Some of them are established writers while some take their first steps on the literary stage. Each unique in their own style and brand of writing, we are proud to host them and urge you to take the time and check them out.


    Luca Bonelli was born in Grosseto, Tuscany, Maremma in December 15th 1963. Since the 1980's he has been writing poems and short stories. He started by publishing his texts under his own label SouthWriteSystem (Ritratti, I Manierini, Suoni per terra e per mare), until in 1999 he published the booklet “FAO” (ForAmusementOnli) under the ZONA label.

    He participates at several readings and happenings all over Italy, among others the Verso Sovverso in Genova, which is a tournament of poetry slam.

    Since the early 90's he has also been following the Grosseto Teatro Studio Stages. He has acted in several plays by his own writing such as Foramusementonli and Ritratti with Fabio Galassi. Other productions include Juke-box and Suoni per terra e per mare which is performed at the Armunia street art festival in Certaldo and Poche storie! with the guitar of Umberto Bonini.

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    Dirk Dobbeleers was born in Merksem, Belgium in 1961. His works include six books on history and current affairs among which two books on the Goat Riders of Belgium. In 1994 his adaptation of the Canterbury Tales won the Antwerp City Jewel Award. His latest play 'Coopman Campioen' has been touring theatres for the last two years.

    In 2003 he started the 'Bokkenrijders Gezelschap' dedicated to the phenomenon of the Goat Riders,  with information both mystical and true. He is currently working on a TV documentary about the Goat Riders.

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    Ian Stephen has a firm passion for the sea. Being brought up on the Isle of Lewis on the Outer Hebrides off the Scottish Coast, the roots run deep. He has sailed major sea routes from Scotland to France and, more recently, from Germany back to Scotland via Scandinavia. His tales typically involve the sea and the bittersweet romance that goes with it. Told in a direct and deceptively simple style, they weave the atmosphere of Scotland's wind-swept isles. As a master story teller, he performs at various literary festivals around Europe, like Edinburgh's International Storytelling Festival and Olomouc in the Czech Republic.

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    Philip Casey grew up in County Wexford, Ireland. He's been steadily building his career since the publication of his collection of verse 'Those Distant Drummers' in 1980. In total he has published four poetry collections and three novels, for which he received multiple awards. His play 'Cardinal' was performed in Berlin in 1990.

    When not writing, he devides his time making a stand for Irish literature and culture. He's a member of Aosdána and currently resides in Dublin. Under Creative Commons, his novel 'The Fabulists' is available for free through Irish Literary Revival!

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